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Hi, I’m Monet! I’m SUPER PUMPED that you’ve chosen to explore Core ConsciousnessTM and I’m honored that you are here. I am an Intuitive Healer and a Registered Nurse with a background in Psychiatry and Emergency Nursing (click here for my full bio and list of professional certifications.)

Throughout my life, I have experienced a multitude of traumatic circumstances, from severe childhood abuse to the premature loss of my mother. Instead of allowing these experiences to immobilize me, I have learned to use them as stepping stones. I have done so, through decades of personal development, introspection, observation, and an openness toward accepting support from others. Over time, I have acquired and refined a vast variety of tools. It is my deepest desire to share these tools clearly and effectively with others in an effort to streamline their self discovery and liberation.

Core ConsciousnessTM is about helping people cultivate their most authentic selves, to live their truth - who they REALLY are, at their core. When people learn to APPLY the practice of living their truth, they feel more confident, productive, and courageous. They attract to themselves positivity and abundance in all arenas of their lives. Over years of trial, error and sometimes beating around the bush I have realized this truth for myself and I am VERY passionate about helping others experience their own awesomeness. If you’re reading this right now, then you’re AMAZING! Something within you understands that your most awesome self, your truest self, is waiting to be revealed - at your core. You know that you ARE CAPABLE of experiencing authentic happiness!

Core ConsciousnessTM is a suite of services that teach and guide people in their efforts to strengthen all aspects of their core - physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual.

These Services Include:

With full union of these systems, the realization of wholeness and the feeling of wellness is more obtainable. Thus, it becomes easier to take action and to gain momentum. Ideas will be more readily put into motion, negative habits will be easier to abstain from and the ability to manifest positivity will be amplified. Most importantly, your inner peace will be more accessible and will facilitate your ability to manage your life with clarity.

Who is Core ConsciousnessTM for?

Short answer... EVERYONE! Who wouldn’t want to feel more complete, secure and confident? But, here are some clearly defined possibilities:

What are the benefits of exploring Core ConsciousnessTM ?

When you cultivate the inner light at your core, your outside experience will begin to mirror the light within you. It is my sincerest hope that you will boldy illuminate your world!

"Working with Monet is feeling deeply cared for. Her passion, attention, compassion, care, grace, empathetic nature, exudes through every word, gesture, chant, and touch... "

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"I do work with Monet and she is the saving grace in my life! Monet is my energist and I see her weekly. My session, for me, are an absolute in my weekly routine..."

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"Monet Dalpiaz was a constant and positive support throughout the first 6 weeks and since doing the Tupler Technique. I was fortunate to meet her at a seminar held by..."

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