Core ConsciousnessTM and Core Connective Healing

Core Connective HealingTM is a unique method of energy healing developed by Monet Dalpiaz, RN and Intuitive Healer. It targets deep layers of energy where the most resistant and embedded blockages reside. It works with the major energy centers of the body (Chakras) as well as the three energetic knots (granthis) that are located along the energy pathway that corresponds with the spinal column (the sushumna). It includes work with the body's’ luminous energy field as well.

Who benefits from Core Connective Healing?

This method of healing requires that the participant have some experience with personal development. It concerns highly sensitive, deeply rooted emotional blockages and requires some spiritual stamina to approach. Consultation is required before investing in this service and it is recommended that a series of at least three preparatory standard energy healing sessions be performed prior to the experience.

Core Connective HealingTM best serves those who feel prepared for a more visceral level of healing and are ready to fully detach from negative patterns and coping mechanisms.

What you can expect from a Core Connective HealingTM session:

Core Connective HealingTM is completed over the course of 4 session. Each session is 2 hours and is organized in this way:

There is the option for additional post processing time. This includes a psychic reading and intuitive interpretation of the healing process. Additional time is provided in 15 minute increments up to an additional 45 minutes.

Additional Information

It is highly recommended to experience Core Connective HealingTM in conjunction with Core Conscious CoachingTM

If the participant chooses not to combine coaching, it is still required that the participant have a resource whom they have contact with on at least a weekly basis. This includes: Therapists, Coaches, Psychiatrists (who provide therapy) and Nurse Practitioners. If you have any questions about who qualifies as a professional, visit the contact page.


How long is a consultation?

The consultation is 30 minutes and it is free.

Why do I need to see a professional once a week?

Core Connective HealingTM works at a very deep level and has the potential to provoke intense emotional responses. It is important that the participant have someone to process thoughts and feelings with as the healing process progresses. Core ConsciousnessTM is invested in your success! Having a support system in place during your healing process is imperative in preventing common self sabotaging defaults.

If I do not see a Professional nor do I want to use Core Conscious CoachingTM can I still participate?

If you are seriously considering experiencing Core Connective HealingTM every effort will be made to connect you with a professional that can support you. You will have to establish a relationship with this professional before participating.

Why is yoga involved?

In alignment with the values of Core ConsciousnessTM it is important to respect the individual as a whole. It is essential to prepare the body for the healing process. This supports the clearing of stagnant energy as well as the integration of healing energy into the body.

I don’t practice yoga. Can I still experience this?

YES! The yoga poses are basic and you do not need a wide range of mobility to perform them. They can be done standing, sitting in a chair and can even be modified for laying down.

What is “intuitive review?”

Intuitive review is the post healing processing period. The word intuitive is included because during the process it is common (not guaranteed) for the participant to have psychic experiences. Currently, Core Connective HealingTM is only performed by Monet Dalpiaz. As an Intuitive Healer, Monet is clairvoyant and has the ability to channel psychic information. This is often sought after an energy healing session, it provides clarity and insight into personal situations as well as having the potential to provide closure in some areas of concern.

Which coaching package should I choose if I would like to combine this with Core Connective HealingTM?

The six week Core Conscious CoachingTM package is recommended.

Can I learn how to perform Core Connective HealingTM?

At this time, Core Connective HealingTM is solely practiced by Monet Dalpiaz. However, there are plans for a training program in the future.

How much is the investment?

The total cost for the Core Connective HealingTM process is $5265. This includes:

How long does the overall process take?

It is recommended that the sessions be performed every 5-7 days for the combination of all seven sessions. This is flexible and assessed more accurately on an individual basis.

What is preparatory counseling?

It is a 90 minute session that addresses your reasons for pursuing Core Connective HealingTM. It will include discussion of personal history. Intuitive counseling is included in this session.

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