Core ConsciousnessTM and the Physical Body

One’s core is often described as either physical (think Pilates and Crossfit) or metaphysical (think Meditation and Yoga). In truth, It is impossible to have one one without the other, so why treat them separately? These two aspect of your core are interwoven. Without the energy required to move the body, then what is the function of the body? And without the body, what do we do with our energy. These two aspects of the self must come together in order to gain momentum. When the human energy system is in sync with the body, stagnation can be dispelled and actions can be taken with enhanced clarity, becoming more meaningful, fulfilling and precise. The integrity and health of your core is KEY when pursuing a life filled with peace and joy. With a combination of physical and energetic strengthening, recovery and reinforcement you can experience the strong and healthy core that is your birthright!

Body awareness methods:

• Various systems of yoga

• Core ConsciousnessTM Everyday Awareness for the Body

• The Tupler Techn®

• Nutritional recommendations and support

"Working with Monet is feeling deeply cared for. Her passion, attention, compassion, care, grace, empathetic nature, exudes through every word, gesture, chant, and touch... "

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"I do work with Monet and she is the saving grace in my life! Monet is my energist and I see her weekly. My session, for me, are an absolute in my weekly routine..."

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"Monet Dalpiaz was a constant and positive support throughout the first 6 weeks and since doing the Tupler Technique. I was fortunate to meet her at a seminar held by..."

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