Core ConsciousnessTM and the Energy Body

In addition to the physical body, there is a subtle body. The subtle body is made up of various systems of energy. These support and connect all that makeup our physical matter as well as influencing our actions and thoughts.

This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but consider this everyday example:

You are driving home on a gorgeous Fall day, there are trees that line the street, the wind rustles through them, their limbs sway and leaves fall. We can not see the wind, but we can not argue that the wind (an invisible force) is what created that movement. Our bodies are like that. They are made up of more than visible, tangible matter. In addition to what most people think of when they envision systems of the human body (skeletal, circulatory, digestive systems etc.) there are systems of energy that work in tandem with the body. Subtle energy works with our physical body to achieve and maintain health as a whole person.

Core ConsciousnessTM teaches techniques rooted in Energy Medicine to promote healing and balance.

Core ConsciousnessTM Every Day Awareness for Energy Balance techniques can be integrated into daily activities.

"Working with Monet is feeling deeply cared for. Her passion, attention, compassion, care, grace, empathetic nature, exudes through every word, gesture, chant, and touch... "

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"I do work with Monet and she is the saving grace in my life! Monet is my energist and I see her weekly. My session, for me, are an absolute in my weekly routine..."

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"Monet Dalpiaz was a constant and positive support throughout the first 6 weeks and since doing the Tupler Technique. I was fortunate to meet her at a seminar held by..."

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