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Monet has been a Registered Nurse for almost 20 years with a background in Emergency Nursing, Psychiatry and Nursing Education. Her passion for Core Rehabilitation comes from her own experience. After discovering she had a Diastasis of greater than 10 fingers she pursued education that led to her recovery and ultimately supporting others on their healing journey. Her education in Core Rehabilitation includes The Tupler Technique™ and The Tummy Team Professional™ training . She is listed as a “Diastasis Recti Expert” on and has studied directly under Beth Learn, creator of both Fit2B™  and Tummy Safe Fitness™ .  Monet is fervent about creating a safe, supportive , personalized plan for each of her clients. She is dedicated to identifying individual needs and enjoys the creative process of tailoring core rehabilitation to life circumstances and ability. Monet lives on Long Island with her two children. 

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My Story with Restoring My Core

One morning, I awoke to feeling pain in my lower back. After laying there for a few minutes, I realized that this was one of many mornings that began like this and that I had been ignoring it. A line of questioning emerged, “Back pain, seriously? Aren’t I too young for this? Aren’t I supposed to feel refreshed and restored when I wake up?”’

I heard my children  in the background playing in another room at which point it struck me that I rarely woke up alone, there was usually someone’s little body next to mine. This was one of the rare occasions that I was graced with waking up in my own time with all of the bed space I could ask for. While I was hoping to feel awesome about this whole experience, the truth was that I felt lonely and sad. I realized that I felt broken, as if I lost myself and now I was  “just someone’s mom.” Now, I want to be very clear-being a mother is a tremendous gift. It is by far the most meaningful, chock full of love and life lessons experiences that I have had to date. However, this did not negate the self denial that I was in. I felt disconnected from myself.

Having a background as both a Registered Nurse and a Postnatal Yoga Instructor, I felt certain that my back pain was linked to a weak core (despite my efforts to religiously stick to a“30 Day Ab Challenge” app). As I lay there,  I made the decision to get very real with myself. The truth was that I felt weak, vulnerable, lost, overwhelmed and guilty for feeling all of it. I touched my belly and discovered that I could barely feel my own skin. That the sensation on my abdomen was pretty much non existent and that what I could feel, I didn’t like so was happy to avoid. Blaming myself, the thoughts, “What happened and how did I let this happen?,” ran through my mind.  “I used to be (stronger, healthier, more confident…).”

It was in this moment that something inside of me turned on. I decided that I was not going to be a victim of my circumstance and continue to feel this way.  Once again I confronted myself by asking, “How?  What is going to fix this?  Where do I start? Am I the only person who feels this way? Everyone else seems to be okay with not feeling awesome and they accept that ‘this is how it is after you have kids.’ Does this make me selfish? Am I being unrealistic?”  My list of questions and potential threads for self sabotage played like a reel in the back of my mind. Still, I figured that taking a look at Pinterest wouldn’t hurt. I remembered learning the term Diastasis Recti in a Postnatal Yoga training  5 years earlier and decided to start there. I did not know very much about it other than that it was associated with having a weak core and that it affected many postpartum women both of which applied to me.

Pinterest turned out to be a total score!  I stumbled upon The Tupler Technique and decided to take the next step in online researching…actually visiting the website. I learned that there was an upcoming Everybelly Seminar a train ride away from me in Manhattan! Perfect.  I registered for the seminar and ordered the suggested accompanying products: a splint and an online video. This was the beginning something incredible, way beyond what  I could have projected.

To make a lovely, but long story short-I used the Tupler Technique and healed my greater than 10 finger diastasis!  During this process, I began my ongoing education in the arena of core health by becoming a Tupler Technique Professional Trainer.

Amazed by this, I became practically obsessed with understanding core health and its connection to the myriad of uncomfortable ailments, conditions and emotions that it contributes to. I began studying additional methods designed to effectively heal Diastasis Recti and rehabilitate functional core strength. After becoming a Tummy Team Endorsed Practitioner I became better equip to help clients figure out how to integrate the healing process into their busy days. This is somewhat of an art!  As I continued to work with women affected by this, it became clear to me that I was in fact not alone. All of the feelings that commenced  this journey are prevalent amongst many women, especially those who have given birth.

Being a part of a woman’s healing process as she reestablishes her strength and reclaims her personal power and confidence became my passion. Many women who work with me begin their process feeling broken, disconnected and hopeless. I remind them that they are not hopeless. That to embark on this process is actually hope in action. I understand the complex emotions that are woven into motherhood, womanhood and overall “I just want to live a life that feels fulfilling” personhood.

While having a sever diastasis was not ideal, it has afforded me the ability support others in navigating their healing process from a place of authenticity. I am truly grateful!

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Traditional Education

  • B.S in Nursing: 2004
    Westchester University
    Specialties include:


    • Emergency Nursing
    • Psychiatry
    • Nursing Education

Core Health and Fitness

  • The Tummy Team Endorsed Professional
  • Experts on Diastasis Recti and Listing in The Directory of Diastasis Recti Experts on Fit2B.US along with additional one on one training with Beth Learn, Founder of Fit2B.US.
  • Tupler Technique® Professional, studied directly under Julie Tupler, RN and Creator of The Tupler Technique

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