Programs and Packages

Core Consciousness™ offers a variety of options in order to serve as many people as possible. 

  • The Core Consciousness Signature Care Package is the most individualized, comprehensive option. 
  • Additional, highly effective approaches are available as well! These include clinically proven and internationally recognized programs: The Tupler Technique® as well as The Tummy Team® approach and The Tummy Team® Online Program. 
  • Core rehabilitation a la carte’ options are available as well. This gives you the opportunity to decided which recommendations best suit your lifestyle.  

Please review your options and decide which works best for you and your life. Core Consciousness is dedicated to maximizing your results in whichever approach you choose to take!

Support Services

  • Initial evaluation…$150
  • Single (one hour) session … $125
  • Core Coaching (optional)…$50/week
  • Weekly check in… FREE

Core Recovery Products

  • Splint………………………$50
  • Connective Tissue Cream..$30
  • Resistance Band…………..$10

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, clients require 4-7 sessions after the initial evaluation depending on the circumstance. The first two sessions are typically scheduled within a week of one another. After this, sessions are generally scheduled two to three weeks apart.

Do I have to use the products?

Core recovery products are not required. However in most circumstances a splint is strongly encouraged. It is one of the KEY components of core rehabilitation for most clients. Additional product recommendations are made based on the assessment of the practitioner. Clients are not obligated to purchase them.

What is Core Coaching with Core Consciousness?

Core Coaching is a unique and often critical component to program success and is highly recommended. Most rehab and/or fitness programs are not designed to include follow up outside of the sessions. Outside of the sessions is when people need the most support! Core Consciousness recognizes this and is committed to supporting each client in between sessions. The most common reason for not following through with core rehabilitation is lack of consistency and support. Life gets in the way and core rehabilitation falls to the wayside. Core Coaching provides both accountability and compassionate support with expert answers. 

Do I have to participate in Core Coaching?

No. Although it highly recommended, it is not required for a client to be successful. In order to promote client success, Core Consciousness provides a FREE once a week check-in with the opportunity to ask basic questions that can be addressed via email or text message at that time. 

Do you accept insurance?

No, unfortunately Core Consciousness does not accept insurance at this time. 

Building core strength for life requires commitment and is a team approach. Only YOU can rehabilitate your core. Core Consciousness has designed a package geared towards maximizing your long term success!



  • Initial evaluation 
  • 3(one hour) customized core rehabilitation sessions
  • Personalized care plan with supportive handouts
  • Pre session videos
  • Core Coaching-Two check in days and two ten minute question and answer/support phone calls per week for  8 weeks. This is an opportunity to ask questions about your program and gain encouragement to keep momentum! THIS IS A CRITICAL COMPONENT FOR SUCCESS!!!

Core Recovery Products Included

  • Splint
  • Corrective Connective Tissue Cream

Investment $550 (valued at $895 )


Option #1 Personalized Support
  • 3 (one hour) Tupler Technique sessions
  • 4 (fifteen minute) follow up measurements 
  • Weekly check in for full 18 weeks of program
  • Splint
  • Video (streaming or DVD)
  • Together Tummy Book
  • Corrective Connective Tissue Cream
  • Resistance Band
Investment $585 (valued at $637)
Option #2 DIY Kit with Support
  • Single Session
  • Splint
  • Video (streaming or DVD)
  • Together Tummy Book
Investment $195 (valued at $222)
Option #3 DIY Kit (free shipping on Long Island)
  • Splint
  • Video (streaming or DVD)
  • Together Tummy Book

 Investment $97



Note: Additional Core Coaching can be added to any program.

Option #1 Online Program with  Support 

Programs available with code LUVMYCORE:

*Program pricing ranges from regular price of $79-$159

Option #2 Online Program  
Note: Additional one on one sessions can be added at any time.



Tummy Safe Fitness is fitness designed with Diastasis Recti and functional core strength in mind.  It  is recommended after 6 weeks of your core rehabilitation program.


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Monet is listed as an Expert on Diastasis Recti with Fit2B!

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