"Monet Dalpiaz was a constant and positive support throughout the first 6 weeks and since doing the Tupler Technique. I was fortunate to meet her at a seminar held by Julie Tupler and her kind demeanor put me at ease. She was thorough in the individual sessions and made it possible to see progress and go through the exercises stage by stage. She was always checking to see if everything was going well and helped to keep me comfortable with any concerns I had along the way. It was the perfect combination to this endeavor making it possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel despite still having a ways to go."

— Natalia G.

"When I first met Monet, I was very impressed by her welcoming presence and warm demeanor. I started working with her during pregnancy to prevent my diastasis recti from growing larger and then again after I had given birth to work on closing it up. At each session, she tailored the exercises to my ability level and feedback. After working with Monet for just a few short months, I have closed up the diastasis substantially through the use of the splints and the exercises she recommended. I am feeling much stronger in my core and more confident. Monet is a good resource for anyone with any diastasis recti issues and is a pleasure to work with."

— Alison F.

"I first met Monet in July 2018. Just 8 weeks after having my second child my postpartum hormones were still running wild. She confirmed that I had a severe diastasis and right away helped me lay out a plan to get healthy again. She was very knowledgeable and friendly throughout my program. Monet shared her own experience with diastasis recti and because of that I knew right away how passionate and caring she is. Monet offered an environment in which we would work together to achieve a goal. I felt safe working with Monet."

— Danielle K.

"I reached out to Monet back in September 2018 inquiring about the Tupler Technique. She was very responsive and answered all my questions and concerns about the program. After hearing her story about her diastasis I immediately felt I can relate and wanted to meet for a consultation. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in starting the program. She is always there for you anytime and truly cares about her clients. She is that cheerleader that roots you on during the Tupler Technique journey. I couldn’t think of anyone else that is so positive and uplifting to experience this program with."

— Marlene

"Before I met Monet, I was convinced that my body was damaged beyond repair, especially since I already knew that I had a bladder prolapse after giving birth to my son. I wasn’t sure if I had a diastasis too, and I thought that if I did, I could at least try to heal that. As a person who works in the medical field, I am horrified that I never learned about Diastasis Recti in my training. Also, I was never checked for it at my many postpartum follow up visits. I was given the green light to exercise, to do “whatever I want” - so of course, I did sit ups, crunches and planks! All unknowingly, certainly making my diastasis worse. I also hadn’t realized that extra weight gain during pregnancy would put me at higher risk not only for developing a diastasis (not that I even knew there was such a thing), but that it would increase my risk of pelvic floor problems. I ended up having an episiotomy, and my pelvic floor was never the same. I told myself these are the sacrifices a woman must sometimes make in order to be blessed with a child, and that either women just didn’t talk about it, or they didn’t even know they had these problems. Many women I have spoken to didn’t know that it’s not normal to still have a pregnant looking body years after giving birth, and it’s not normal to leak urine when you laugh or sneeze just because you’re a mother. I was convinced that having another baby would destroy my body, and I felt a little cheated that I was in this predicament, somehow never knowing all I have learned now about women’s physical health pre- and post-partum. It wasn’t just the thought of facing another 9 months of healthy but miserable pregnancy, but the aftermath of injury on top of injury that would follow and likely require surgical repair. (I later learned that I actually could have prevented all of these problems by gaining less weight during my pregnancy, strengthening my core with the Tupler Technique all along, and by learning proper pushing techniques to be utilized during delivery). After reading that in France there is such a thing as “Abdominal re-education” (basically physical therapy for a “mommy tummy”), I became determined to find out what these French women were doing to get their physique back after giving birth. Then I read about Diastasis Recti and continued to search the web. I wasn’t sure if I was checking myself for a diastasis properly, but I sure looked like I had one when I looked at the profile of my abdomen in the mirror. After trying exercises I found on the internet (which I suspected and later learned I was doing completely incorrectly), I found Monet. I had been researching the topic on Pinterest and I stumbled upon an interview of Julie Tupler and her Tupler Technique. I searched for providers in my area, and there was Monet. I was really excited and hopeful that now I would have a real chance at healing some of my injuries and not looking pregnant anymore, with my son 2 1/2 years old at the time. Monet was at once inspiring with her own story of recovery and healing, as well as encouraging and emotionally supportive. As my therapy unfolded, I realized the genius of her ways, how she started off small and simple, with exercises that were precursors to the next exercises I would be learning. Every step was calculated and personalized to fit my exact needs. I must admit that I was very hopeful but concerned because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wear the splint due to my prolapse. Monet encouraged me and showed me how to use the Together Tape instead of the splint. I was very skeptical, but I had nothing to lose by trying. She taught me how to move, and possibly more importantly, how not to move (pointing out which movements would worsen or create a diastasis). I followed her prescriptions to a T, in hopes that my 6 finger wide diastasis would heal in a year or so. To my surprise, my diastasis healed in only 4 months, even without being able to wear the splint! Monet is also helping me to strengthen my pelvic floor. As I get stronger, I have come to realize that there IS hope that my body could handle another pregnancy and I don’t have to be doomed to a body that is ripped in half with organs prolapsing out the bottom. I can be stronger and healthier during and after another pregnancy because of the tools and insights she has given me. I thank God for Monet and the gifts she has shared with me, for her effortless warmth that comes so naturally, for a compassionate teacher and friend who has changed my life in more ways than I ever expected."

— Denise P.

"I had 3 babies all born 2 years apart and never felt comfortable in my body after any of them were born. I felt like something wasn’t right, something was missing and that there had to be someone who could help me feel whole and complete again. Then I met Monet. Monet confirmed my diastasis recti and we set out a plan to correct it; which I also realized helped to heal an emotional part I didn’t know needed healing. Monet not only helped me close my diastasis but, she taught me to have compassion towards the journey and myself. Monet was there to answer questions, offer guidance and support, and help me find the strength inside of myself to heal my core. I feel more confident as a person, a mother and a woman after working with Monet."

— Amanda K.

"In January 2020  I was diagnosed with diastasis recti after having a test to see what the baseball sized lump was in my abdomen.  Doctor had no treatment.  I researched it online and found the Tupler Technique.  Through the website I was directed to Monet Dalpiaz.  I emailed Monet and told her I’m 65 and over-weight—not 20’s and in shape like all of the videos online show.  She assured me that she’s worked with people in my “season of life”.  From that point on we’ve gotten along great.  In March I measured 6 fingers.  18 weeks later, I am down to 0-2-3.  After some in person sessions, COVID hit.  We switched to skype for our sessions despite Monet being a healthcare worker and putting her own life on the line at work, she always made sure I was doing OK.  Monet emailed me weekly to see how I was doing.  Monet has a sense of humor along with a true understanding of people.  Monet is always looking on the positive side and because of her support I stayed true to the program.   I would never hesitate to refer anyone to see Monet.  I feel good—the lump is gone and I’ve lost 2 ½ inches on my waist.  The program works; however, I am not sure I would have had the motivation without Monet.  Thank you Monet!  Barbara S., your 'season of life' client"

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