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The Tummy Team APproach

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1) Retrain the Brain

The Tummy Team approach uses neuromuscular re-education approach to reconnect the communication between the brain and the affected muscles by reinforcing what the muscle was designed to do. In the process, we are retraining the brain to respond to and reinforce that function. The intentional process and progression of our programs are designed to set you up for long-term success.

2) Make it Functional

The muscles of the core are primarily postural muscles that are intended to be strong and active all day in every activity. The most effective way to retrain the body and the brain is to reinforce every exercise with functional activities you will engage in consistently. The Tummy Team has found that rehab exercises have to be functional to be meaningful, and ultimately effective for the client. For these reasons, The Tummy Team approach purposefully designs every strengthening exercise, anti-compensation stretch, myofascial release, and motor learning strategy to easily integrate into movements you are already doing. Our approach prioritizes upright postures with balanced and active muscle alignments. We make it functional, we make it meaningful, and we make it doable.

3) Partner With You

Everything recommended is ultimately designed for you to do independently. Education is taken very seriously so that you can feel empowered and equipped to know how your body was designed and why it may be failing to function. 

4) Our Story is Your Story

Monet Noriega is not only a Tummy Team Endorsed Practitioner, but has experienced recovery from a severe diastasis using The Tummy Team Approach.



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